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About SMS

Start Marketing Smart is all about helping YOU become the business ninja you’re destined to be. of the things most people don’t realize about starting a business is that it’s much more than simply selling an awesome “widget” to people who want it.

Have a great idea for a business? There’s a ”million” little steps in between to create an eco-system that allows you to successfully deliver it to your customers…profitably.

Whether that involves building a website, marketing materials, email campaigns, video content, webinars, social media or branding - there’s specific strategies that help you and your business succeed.

And while all of these are critically important elements you'll need to get going...most of them won’t actually make an impact until you learn the fundamentals.

That’s where the Start Marketing Smart system comes in!

Inside the SMS courses you’ll learn strategies to help you: • Ignite the FIRE that’s burning inside you and how to use it as rocket fuel to help you succeed

• POSITION your products and services in a way that makes them captivating and irresistible to buy

• Better understand customers to create IRRESISTIBLE offers your prospects won’t be able to refuse

• Make your business STAND OUT and shine, even if you’re selling a product or service with tons of competition

• And much, much more!

It’s all in the SMS suite of courses for entrepreneurs!

You see...

After working with dozens of entrepreneurs and recognizing the most common patterns, hang-ups and setbacks I've distilled them down into easy to digest, affordable and actionable courses for you to cut through the bull.

You’ll learn how to identify the RIGHT questions you need to ask yourself, advanced selling techniques and hypnotic communication strategies to build trust and make your business stand out.

The Start Marketing Smart system is not about chasing down your clients…

It’s about becoming a LIFEBOAT in a sea full of sharks and heavy competition - all while helping you MASTER the fundamentals so you can build your business on a concrete foundation, not sand!

So, what are you waiting for? Take the leap and join the gang of SMS Goal Getters today.

Together, we’ll Start Marketing Smart

















About Kandis

Kandis Marie... knows what it’s like to be an above-average person living an average life. From being undervalued as an employee; dealing with the nagging fear of being “let go” from her job or having to move on to another, Kandis spent years telling herself “Something has to change.”

She found a way.

There is a saying: “Done is better than perfect.” and Kandis shows people how to get sh!t done. She understands that there is more than one way to finish a race.

Although Kandis experienced learning difficulties and dropped out of high school, she continued to educate herself on mindset and entrepreneurship. She doesn’t define herself by the abuse she endured; instead she has evolved into a loving wife, an advocate for animals & nature, as well as her community.

Her role-model, her mom, taught her to help others and Kandis memorializes her "Ma" by weaving those lessons into her work and teachings.

Her efforts are realized today by helping motivated business owners join her gang of Goal Getters, embrace an unshakable belief in themselves, and find a way to level up their lives through an enlightened approach to entrepreneurship.

As Kandis likes to say, “Do what you can until you can do better.” Regardless of where you are starting from, Kandis can show you how to improve.

“Anything is possible” is not just a saying. Anything is possible!

That’s the Goal Getter Gang’s way. You have to believe -- in yourself and in all the possibilities of what could be.

Where you start isn’t where you have to end, and everything we go through is for our greatest good.

Start Marketing Smart is Kandis’ contribution to like-minded people who choose to live an aboveaverage life.

The SMS courses are designed to be actionable tools for members to learn business & mindset best practices and proven methods of business development and marketing.

Kandis and the SMS community of experienced entrepreneurs at her side will welcome you and show you how to become a successful entrepreneur and a contributing member of your community.